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Hello, I am hoping somebody might be able to give me some advice on rhubarb grown from seed. I planted 15 seeds last year and was very successful with the plants. Planted them onto our allotment and some in the garden. I have been looking for any signs of life, but alas, it seems there are none at the moment. My neightbours rhubarb is coming back lovely, is it to early for solme rhubarb to be beginning to grow?

Put a bucket over it.  The extra heat and the darkness will spring it into life.

Depends if he wants to force it or not though. It's still a bit early yet, mine are just starting to poke through.

It does depend where exactly Alijoynot is. I'm in East Dorset and my early crown has been growing for several weeks, unforced.


Baby rhubarb, from seed last year, will be a bit behind established plants and not very big when it does appear. Don't give up hope. 


Im in Wiltshire and like FloBear my early crown has been growing for a few weeks



Hi all our rhubarb  given to us last summer was already 3 years old and  has only just poked its head through this week ,only about 2" high but the allotmenteers say everything is ok just a bit early yet,so not to worry mi duck get the custard ready

Good luck


I live on the coast in N Ireland and have already had the first crop.  I've had the bucket over one head for a week now and the second crop is almost ready.  

chilli lover

Mine's just poking through - I never force it. Can't wait for it to get going though cos I love it


on my allotment its two feet high,but in my garden 2 inched high only about a mile apart,has anyone made rhubarb wine,as i would love to try it,providing its not to hard to do.

No it's not hard - just remove the cork from the bottle, pour into a glass and sip... Oh... Wait a minute... When you said you'd love to try it...


oh dear you did make me laugh,never thought of that.

There are several varities of rhubarb so some will be moving earlier than others. Baby plants grown from seed will be slower for a year or two. Do not force rhubarb more than once in every three years as it weakens the crowns.

It would not be a good thing to pull stems from your plants until they are 3/4 yrs old.

My crown has been through for several weeks, it was newly planted two years ago as a well grown crown. I have just put a couple of buckets of farmyard manure over it as rhubarb is a gross feeder.

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