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Please help I've spent two days researching this, I'd like to make Rosehip Syrup, some people say I HAVE TO remove the hairs, others say don't bother as it will be seived anyway?! What to do, what to do!! I certainly don't want any 'side effects' from the irritating hairs, any help would be much appreciated!!




Strain it really well with a double layer of muslin as you would if making a jelly - do not squeeze or push the pulp through, then you will keep all the hairs out of your syrup. 


The easiest thing to strain through is an old pair of tights. They are very easy to hang from a hook in the ceiling or door jamb.  When you prepare the rosehips by taking out the seeds remove as many hairs as you can. Ensure the hips are ripe; they should be by this time of year.

But you must strain the liquid, seiving is not enough.


I was not aware that rosehip "hairs" were harmful. I have used bruised rosehips  steeped in honey as I believe it helps with arthritis. Some hairs do get included. I hope they are not harmful . Can some knowledge person please enlighten me. Thank you.

apparently they make you have an itchy bottom!! The hairs were used as the original 'itching' powder, as found in joke shops. (so I've read).



No, the hairs are not harmful, but they have no place in a syrup or jelly, and are always removed for a preserve as far as I know.


Thank you Welshonion, you are a star. there is a time and place for frivolity........

Thank you for putting my mind to rest.....bless you

you should try googling it, and you will see that I have reason for writing what I did. They are an irritant and you should wear gloves.

Moonlit Hare

I made some the other week and just boiled them up in sugar and water with a bit of cinnamon, I just sliced a wee nick in them and then when it was all syrupy enough I strained them through muslim..... there's no hairs in the jar. I'd heard also you needed to remove the hairs but came to the conclusion my lifes to short!

it's pretty yummy by the way!


Very reassuring Moonlit Hare....thank you, I was contemplating leaving the forum and putting my head in the sand!

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