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i have just acquired an allotment. on digging it i am finding lots of rotting potatoes that by looks of things were planted last year and havent been harvested. i have removed the ones i have found, but wonder whats the best thing to grow in same patch of ground.


Brassicas i.e cauli,cabbage,sprouts,broccoli,swede.

I'd be tempted to have a good dig around or you could end with more potatoes growing.

A good acronym for remember crop succession is 'People Like Bunches Of Roses', Potatoes-Legumes-Brassicas-Onions-Roots. Key is not to plant the same family group repeatedly, but it's supposed to be best to rotate crops in that order.

Someone on here told me the acronym, so thanks for that again, whoever it was.

hi thanks, dont mind if potatoes grow

all tips greatly received

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