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Hi Guys,

Last year I collected seeds of my runnner/french bean plants. The seeds have been kept in a brown paper bag to keep the moisture out. I've grown beans for year's but is it to early to sow them yet? If so, when will I be able to sow them?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Kind Regards,



Early May at the very earliest-they need warmth to germinate and grow properly-will not tolerate cold or frost

Thanks Sotongeoff!

can you tell me the best type  and heavy cropper for small garden. (ameter)


I grew Painted Lady and Scarlet Empire last year both very good.

Grew a few varieties of french beans too, the best one's were Bean Cosse Violette - purple podded and Bean Neckargold Organic - yellow podded.

I'm trying Yard Long Beans  - red noodle, this year in the GH and outdoors to see where it grows best. Beans are usually grown outdoors but this one likes warmth and we were sadly lacking in sun last year.

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