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Runner Beans loss of leaves

Something is eating the leaves of my runner beans just planted in allotment not slugs, the complete leaf cut from the stem and has vanished

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Can anyone help, I have planted my greenhouse grown runner bean plants in my allotment, this morning found 3 plants with 1 or 2 leaves missing. It's not slugs and the stems look like the leaves have been cut off,no ragged edges.

It is too cold to be planting out runner beans-especially in Monmouthshire-but it is still slugs/snails-what makes you think it isn't-it nearly always is


Has it been windy around your way?  Strong winds can snap the leaf stalks of tender plants.


Thanks everybody, we hav'nt any deer around here, our allotments have a perimeter fence and each one is fenced that lets out rabbits.we have since netted them as well, a neighbour mentioned pigeons?


pigeons or mice likely to be the culprits I'd think.

Please can some one help me, I've been planting market more cucumbers from seed and growing them indoors as I don't have a green house or garden. They are growing really good at the monent but need to know how much room do they need and how tall will they grow. 2nd. Will they flower on there own or do I, need to give them any assistant.  Any help would be good.

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