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Hiya shelley

Have they been eaten.?  Cant see any.

Have you sown seeds there?  

Frame looks good.

Have ??ou put any compost in the soil?

I would sow seeds indoors in a tray or two with about 18 seeds in each and covered with 2 cm of compost.  When germinated harden them off by taking them outside during the day and bringing them indoors at night for week or so.  Dig compost or chicken pellets Imto the soil and add an organic fertiliser like blood fish and bone.  Plant out your bean plants when 10 to 15 cm tall. Water well and keep some fleece handy in case of any frosts.  Using plastic ties loosely support to canes as they climb. An occasional seaweed tonic helps too.  Enjoy your runner beans 


Wig-wam (triangular shaped) supports are much stronger than the shape you have there, unless you have a very sheltered site.  I don't!

iv only just planted the seeds straight into the ground, not got a greenhouse, so just planted them in the ground and hope for the bestm


I often sow my runner beans direct into the soil and if the weather is reasonable they seem to catch up with those that are started off inside.

As Welshonion says, you might need to strengthen your support, perhaps with some canes braced at an angle at the ends, when the beans get to the top - they can be very heavy and catch the wind.  But don't worry, that won't be difficult to do. 

Let us know how you get on 


Oops!  Didn't notice the tops as welshonion did.  

Canes do need to be wider at the bottom and tied in at the top.  If your beans grow well there will be a lot of weight on those supports.  Also to put in a cane at the ends of,the rows forming a triangle here to stop rocking.  

Busy Bee2

If they pop up before your area is frost free, it might be an idea to have some plastic bottles saved up that you can just cut up and pop over as mini cloches - but you need a hole for ventilation. 

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