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Tina Duffill

I planted out some runner bean seeds outside and have since realised I should have waited til the weather was warmer, will they still germinate?


depends on soil temperatures and how long they've been in the ground to rot.


I would suggest that you sow an insurance crop in case the first don't show, but perhaps do it in a tray to get them well started by which time the warmer weather will be rolling in proper and you will also see the results of your first sowing, or not.

Sown too early for outside by at least a month-if they had come up the frosts would have zapped them anyway

Sow some more in pots now -those have probably rotted.


Too early just because we have had some warm weather this week a threat of frosty night are on the way best too plant some indoors in old toilet roll inners then plant out near the end of May depending on where you live.

I put my seeds in three weeks ago and they have just started to show all the garden is cracking at the moment due to the warm weather i must be lucky



Yes....we actually do need some rain now

John. If you start your beans indoors they will germinate in days.

muddy mare

last year my mum decided she wanted runner beans right at the last minute so I soaked them over night in tepid water and they actually caught right up dont panic theres plenty of time

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