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Should I not be seeing my runner beans yet I have lots of flowers some have died off but no sign of any bean starting to ggrow. Any advice please,


Make sure they have plenty of water. lack of water at the roots can make the flowers drop before they are pollinated.

The first lot of flowers on mine seemed to die off but the more recent ones have started producing little beans.  I have been watering them every night in the hot weather (like fidgetbones suggests) so maybe that has helped?


A lot of water in hot weather does help, but they always tend to drop off when it's hot.

Thanks for help, yes well watered, only seen one bee in garden this year and that was after the flowers, should I be worried NO BEES ??


Have also been  giving them some tomato liquid fertilizer once a week is that OK ??


Some varieties of runner are self pollinating. T &M have some. (Firestorm and Moonlight) If no bees turn up theres not a lot you can do about it. Maybe plant a flower that they like nearby.  eg  a lavender in a pot that you can move about. If you can't get bees on lavender, then you have to try getting homes for bees in your garden for next year and maybe growing the self pollinating variety.

Loads of bumblebees, not many honey bees, on flowers in general here but none at all on the ruuner beans. If you have the time and the patience you can try pollinating them by hand. It's tedious but it does work usually. 

with one hand, hold the top part of the flower and with the other hand pull the lower part of the flower down until you see a little white corkscrew thing. Give that a little rub/tickle with a spare finger - I said it was tedious- then move on to the next flower. Dont hold or pull too hard or the flower will probably come off the plant.

I find that the earliest flowers fail whatever I do, but they settle down after a couple of weeks.

Runner beans, for me this year, are the latest ever.  Usually in late June I pick pounds of beans.  This year not one picked.  The spring was late, albeit relatively mild down here, and growth was slow.  They have now reached tops of support system...7 to 8' high.  

Now we have the heat try to water well both at the base and top.  If the ground is too dry or the air is too dry beans will not set, in my experience.  Still plenty of summer left for good crop of beans

MARIE5 wrote (see)

Have also been  giving them some tomato liquid fertilizer once a week is that OK ??

If the soil is decent to start with, they don't need any fertilising. They manufacture their own nitrogen supply anyway.


We pick the first flowers at the bottom off anyway, they will grow a stronger plant and cope better

Never feed runner beans.  Domt need it if soil has plenty compost in it.  Watering is important ESP now with this heat

Ok thanks to your all,  have learnt a lot,  one last questrion can anyone give the name of the self germinating runner beans for next years purchase cheers

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