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Thanks Jenny, Thanks Verdun - I`m onit , innit.

Moonlit Hare

Hi Jackers,

We moved into a new house this spring and quickly dug a veg patch to grow some spuds, didn't have time to prep the soil so dug in some seaweed (unwashed) which the much beloved used when he brought home some peeler crabs for fishing bait.

did a fantastic job! I think they also spread it on the Jersey Royal fields... but don't hold me to that I might have made it up!

My father (much better gardener than me) always told a tale that during WW2 he was stationed up in Oban doing embarcation of air crew .

He got a load of seaweed dug it in to the garden of the B&B he was staying in. He said he  got the best crops he had ever had, especially brassicas. To the point that when the ministry of food were going round on checks another neighbouring B&B owner complained that it was alright for his landlady to manage on the rations because she had got a professional gardener in who was suplying her with all this fantastic produce!

Iain R


sorry i just cant stop thinking ,why did the crab blush , cos the sea weed

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