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I,ve saved shallots from this years harvest, can I replant  them this autumn, or do I plant them in spring? 


Shortest day is traditional, I believe.  Haven't they been good this year?  Or is that onion seed?

I shall be buying my garlic bulbs, onion sets and shallots this week.  I know I can use my own garlic and shallots, but they were newly bought last Autumn and so successful (especially the garlic) it seems a shame to buck the trend.

Green Magpie

I keep mine until the spring - saves worrying about the effects of winter frosts/floods. They've done very well this year.

Try both types. I grow Autumn and Spring planted shallots and I usually find that the spring sown give the better yield.

Thanks for the advice,i,ll maybe try oldcompostheaps method and try both, cover all bases then!!

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