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L Bennett

Ok, so I have a mini greenhouse and I am growing 6 different chillies in there...

My question - should I be opening it up? Father in law says open it, too hot...but the chillies are growing very well - all plants doubled in size in 4 weeks and all flowering nicely.

What I do have is an old baking tray of water in the bottom and this seems to create humidity which they seem to thrive on.

Just unsure...leave or unzip!


yes of course open it, if you don't  you will cause problems for yourself


Ventilation's as important as heat and light for anything in greenhouses and those plastic ones get horrendously hot - even on cooler days. I have tomatoes in mine and I haven't fully shut them overnight for the last few weeks. I'm in the centre of Scotland and we don't  get such high temps overnight either but I still keep the covers open a bit.

L Bennett

OK, thanks all, he was right then haha

I will open to the first shelf, should I leave open overnight too?



I just leave mine open about a foot LB. 

L Bennett

Perfect. Ok going to ask...what is reason? first time growing chillies this way so curious.


LB...........circulation of air basically...........just imagine if you were zipped up in a plastic bag for a few weeks..........plants use the air differently to us and whilst Chillies do enjoy hot conditions, they will eventually not thank you for keeping them so enclosed.  It may also encourage pest problems later on.

Hope you get a good harvest........nothing better than fresh Chillies

L Bennett
Good point! Thanks all. Greenhouse opened this evening
Mel Mcbride

I have a poly tunnel. I keep it closed at night, or else it's the same temperature as the garden by the time I go in there, around 8am. I hate to lose heat hours. If you see condensation, open it straight away, let the air move around. I try not to leave it that long, but you know, I forget all the time~

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