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Hi all,

Please help.

I'm a complete novice at growing my own veg.

I've heard that it's a good idea to sow peas in guttering to give them a start in a cool greenhouse.

Could anyone answer these few questions for me. Does the guttering need drainage holes? How far apart to sow the seeds? When to tpansplant into final growing place and do they need hardening off first?

I live in Wigan in the North West.

Thank You.  


Hi Vivienne, that's one of good old Geoff Hamilton's tips. 

No drainage holes needed - the compost will be shallow and will dry out quite quickly by itself, so keep an eye on that.  Plant peas 2" apart.  Transplant when they are about 3 inches tall, weather permitting.  I don't bother hardening off - too much chance of an accident when carrying a gutter full of them in and out!  Instead, cover them with newspaper or fleece once they are transplanted, if frost is forecast overnight.


I believe he did it to evade the mice. You can hang the gutters from the roof in the greenhouse to keep the mice off.

Thank you for that Bob, I'll do that.

I've also heard that you should soak the seeds before sowing, is that right?


Ow, just seen your post fidgetbones.

Are mice a real pest then? Maybe I'll try your suggestion too





mice love peas and beans. I use mousetraps in the greenhouse and tight fitting propagator lids, since I lost two entire trays of sweet peas in one night.

I recall Strawberries were also a favourite for growing in guttering...........I've not tried it myself but can see it working......sorry, nothing to do with Peas

I plant my peas in the past in trays but this year I am putting them in guttering in the greenhouse but not on the floor

I do not soak peas or have problems with mice , I do get mice coming into the garage and I have traps permanently set as I live in a semi rural area

best of look

Thanks all, you've given me some great advise.

I may try strawbs too Philippa

Good luck GWRS with yours too.

Cheers Viv.

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