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I am planning to grow cordon apples over a metal arch (so I think that makes them minarettes as they will be growing upright?). I intended to grow one either side of an arch which is about 5 foot wide, but it's about 3 foot deep so I wondered if I could grow a tree at each corner of the arch. I think the spacing for cordons is 2-3 feet but I don't want to risk overcrowding as I do have a tendency to want to squeeze in as many plants as possible, and I don't know if growing them upright rather than oblique makes a difference to the spacing. If anyone else has grown fruit trees over an arch please could you let me know what you think?


I would probably only grow one tree at either side, I think one tree would easily cover one side of the arch. Good airflow is important.

I would say that the spacing ideas that you have there Tulipgirl sounds about right. If you plant on each corner I think you should be about right. Pick trees that are grafted onto the appropriate rootstock so that they don't become too vigorous.


Could you grow one tree each side of the arch, with each tree being pruned to allow two main branches (so it was a bit like a Y) to grow up the arch?

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