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Can anyone recommend a good variety for beginners that is easy to grow and tasty?

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Hi, White Lisbon is a well known and frequently grown variety and most people find it trouble free provided the soil is prepared well.  A soil temperature of between 10 and 20C is good so don't start them off too early.  

There are also other more unusual varieties available, and I see no reason why these should be any more difficult to grow than the more common varieties

NGCARDS, I now grow what I think are better varieties than white Lisbon like  Ishikura, guardsman,,laser etc.  less seed per packet but they stand longer in the garden and have a better milder taste. Check them out 

Thank you got both of your responses, I shall check them all out.

I don't bother growing spring onions, I plant shallots and pull them when they are small.


Spring onions are a great crop, I agree with dovefromabove on White Lisbon. There's no need to rush to put them in, if planted at the right time say late April early May they will grow alot quicker and healthier than if you have them hanging around while it's still a bit cold.


Thanks everyone.

I have had a browse and I think I shall order some of the White Lisbon seeds



I've never had any problems with any type of spring onion; am still harvesting some that were planted last Autumn.

I agree with others on White Lisbon.  There is also a similar variety to these but red and look fantastic sliced in salads - just got this variety from my local garden centre so pretty likely to be sold by the likes of Thompson and Morgan or others.

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