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muddy mare

help me please ,I have to supply unending spring onions I find them hard to germinate they take the moment im sowing Lisbon and a red one the name escapes at moment does anyone know of a fast cropper?I sow every 2 weeks to try to keep up with demand but they are so slow don't know what im doing wrong please ,any suggestions are not alone............for some reason, I too have had trouble this year with germination of Spring Onions and Leeks too.  I'm lucky if I get 50% germination rate............seeds from 2 different suppliers so ?????

Be interested to hear other's comments/advice.

I have sown a white and a red spring onion this year and they germinated very well here with two lovely full rows. I don't know whether they are particularly slow or not though, but I am awaiting them in anticipation. My parsnips and peppers however took weeks and weeks, but I left them alone and they've decided to show now. It might just be the hot/cold weather we've had so far this spring.

Where have you sown them? I've germinated white lisbon on a sunny windowsill last year and in a plastic mini greenhouse this year and both times they've come up fairly quickly, though they can take a while to reach edible size.


I grow spring onions in those 12 compartment trays which bedding plants come in. 1/2 seed tray size. I like to get 4 - 6 seeds in each cell, start them in an unheated tunnel, then plant the ech block later into the garden.


Both sown in modules in unheated greenhouse........

I've got white lisbon to sow - the packet says they can take 18-24 days to germinate and 12 to 14 weeks to reach picking size what a long time for such a small veg.   

muddy mare

thanks everyone for the feed back will use the module way I have considered it but will definatly give it a go now In the past have always sown straight in the ground.I m keeping them happy with a good supply of various types of radish at the moment!!

I sowed White Lisbon on 8th May and saw the first shoots coming up around 16th/17th May.

In a raised bed that's covered with a plastic greenhousey thing, temps been pretty warm since sewing them...

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