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Orchid Lady
3rd time of trying and 3rd time I've failed so that's it......I've done with broccoli and sprouts and next year will be growing onions instead! They have huge holes in and I think the head (is that the right word) of the sprout plant may have been eaten which means I won't get any sprouts now (I couldn't check properly as I was meant to be spending time on the veg patch after I'd cleared the leaves away but I hurt my ankle so couldn't). I have come to the conclusion that as much as I like it give my plants TLC, these are just a bit too high maintenance for me at the moment, sometimes you just have to be realistic I suppose I am gutted though that I can't produce home grown sprouts for Christmas.
Victoria Sponge

Poor OL Hope your ankle is okay.

Join the 'no veg' club! I've given up on onions, beet root, potatoes, sweet corn and assorted greens for various reasons

Grow flowers instead- they're lovely

Oh also cucumbers, horned melon, pumpkins, tomatoes and gourd. Nearly forgot those disasters!


I've given up on brassicas too. Like you say, they are just too high maintenance, with netting, staking, liming soil, taking up a lot of room etc. And then they bolt or get eaten by pests, or in the case of my sprouts, were the size of peas and not worth the effort picking! 

Victoria Sponge

Oh and courgettes - they grew but weren't much fun.

It will be caterpillars eating the heads. But don't worry, that won't hurt the sprouts as they grow up the stem of the plants. So long as you planted them in firm ground they will recover.

It is impossible to buy (except in a bag of frozen kernels) sweetcorn as good as you can grow yourself. Same goes for early potatoes.

Just avoid 'wonder vegetables' in over-coloured catalogues. Ordinary vegetables like beans, lettuce and peas are widely grown because they are easy. Simple.


Orchid Lady

So should I leave the sprouts in then? I was going to pull them up, like I said I haven't checked properly and can't go out and take pics tonight and maybe not even tomorrow (stupid me!).

The broccoli has bolted but I knew that a couple of weeks ago and have just been cutting off the shoots beforehand flowered, so at least  we have had some benefit from it.

Most of the other things I'm growing are doing ok, not amazing but ok.  In all honesty I think I just grew too much especially for a newbie, but I didn't mean to, it was sort of an accident because I didn't know what I was doing 

Leave the sprouts , I had a similar problem last year and I just left them and had some great sprouts for Christmas , worth a try

With the Brocoli if you cut off the flowers you might get some side shoots that are eatable again worth a try 

Best of luck 

Orchid Lady

Ok, I'll leave them both, have a look at the netting which obviously isn't working at the moment, have a good look for caterpillars and see what happens. Thank you, I feel a tiny but more positive now.

Agree with all the above advise. last year my sprout tops were massacred by caterpillars as I didn't bother to net them, I still had more sprouts than we could eat. I invested in the rescue netting for this year and touch wood no bug damage so far.

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