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Hi I've just seen flattened peaches in our local Norfolk butchers and heard they are productive and easy to grow.,I think they are called Peento. We are on the edge of the climate for peach growing and struggling so does any one know anything about them and if they would work in a wet and windy wash garden.

Probably not sadly.  I keep mine in the greenhouse all year now to prevent peach leaf curl and we had 16 peaches this year on 'Pigmy Bonanza'.  If you can't keep it inside you'll need to protect it from frost and also from rains which carry the spores for peach leaf curl.  You will have a better chance if it's planted against a South facing wall.

Thanks Mrs G, I thought that would be the case. How big does the Pigmy Bonanza grow? We have a peach tree outside but it has peach leaf curl every year and I think we will give up now with that one. We have an 8 by 10 greenhouse which could possibly house a small tree but does it have to be heated in winter, my greenhouse isn't. We don't have a south facing wall either, just four sides of the garden all exposed to winds straight off the wash. We had a lovely productive peach tree in our walled garden in south east Kent and I think I am unsuccessfully trying to recreate that!

Yep I suspect they wouldn't like the salt air either.  Ours is in a pot and our greenhouse is unheated and is only 4 x 6 I think so you will do fine with one in a large pot inn yours.  We had ripe peaches in the first year when we kept it outside it's just the dreaded peach leaf curl means I keep in inside rather than have the faff of lifting a heavy pot back and forth.  I don't like to use sprays especially on things we're going to eat you see.  Our Bonanza is only a metre tall and came as a standard.

Thanks very much Mrs G, I will try that variety - I really miss picking my own peaches.


Good luck 

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