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Stored home made liquid seaweed feed...

I have some cartons of liquid seaweed feed along with a bin 1/3 full of the stuff.

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I have some cartons of liquid seaweed feed along with a bin 1/3 full of the stuff, left over from last year. Shudder to think what it must smell like.

How long does it keep for? Is it better to make a fresh batch and dispose of this lot? The seaweed was taken out of the bin last year so it's just fluid in there now.

Bunny ...
Hehe I await to hear how it smells
Suffice to say a Friend of mine had a foul....FOUL....smell in her garage. I located the source. The remnants of seaweed spray in her sprayer. So, zoomer best make fresh batch. Seaweed is unbeatable though as feed and tonic I think
I was wondering if the salt in it killed slugs?
Sue H
Would love homemade seaweed feed but alas I am landlocked!


That wasn't the answer I wanted Verdun. Need to think now how to dispose of it.

Lyn. Don't think it kills slugs and snails but spraying plants with liquid seaweed does deter them, you need to start spraying plants early though before snails and slugs become active. I did last year and was slug and snail free until July time, which is when I went on my jollies, came back to an infestation of them. Egg shells and gravel worked in the GH though and continued to work through out last year.

Lyn, I think salt in raw seaweed kills slugs. However, a seaweed spray does deter them to an extent. I tried foliar feeding one border with seaweed spray last year and the results were very pleasing. Maybe the smell, maybe the ingredients but it seems to work against slugs n snails. Hey zoomer just read your post ...same as mine a bit. I would use it on compost heap

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