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I have saved some seeds from squash and three types of beans

I dried them all and they have been in sealed plastic pots for a few weeks

? Is this right as someone said they should go in envelopes or in the fridge etc etc

Advice please Friends


I save my beans in paper bags or envelopes, and store them in a plastic box under the stairs. Cool and dark. Same for all my seeds. Don't do fridge unless a seed specifically needs that treatment.


? So are they in an air tight situation Kef


If they ripened on the plants before picking off and are completely dried they can be stored in any dry cool cupboard. If they have any moisture in them they'll go mouldy in seeled plastic boxes, I prefer paper bags or envelopes.


As Nut says they must be dry. When mine are they go into bags and into an airtight box. The box suits me as they are out off sight and all in one place.



I use some old tablet pots, but only those with dessicants in. In a plastic pot, unless there is something to absorb moisture, seeds will go mouldy.

gardenning granny

I use old envelopes, plastic press top bags and tiny plastic or glass pots.  I like to be able to see what I've got.  The essential thing is they must be really, really dry before you store them.

The cupboard under the stairs works well for me - dark and unheated by dry.


Hi Dove, just ordererd some of these from Amazon, thanks for the tip

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