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? Once I have harvested the Spring onions next Summer for how long can I store them say from August till when


I was just thinking this on Friday can you pickle spring onions or is there to much green 




Well, you can keep them in the fridge for perhaps a week or two.  They stand quite well in the garden, certainly into October.  Dig a few as you need them.

Agree with Welshonion here. You're not talking about Onion sets that you plant in the Spring are you?



Man Of kent

Just about to plant two types of Autumn sets that should be available in June - July which wont need to be stored

In February to April 2014 I intend to plant some Spring onions and it is these that apparently I can harvest and store from August to September

? How long will these last into the Winter if I "Store " them

I would have thought that successional sowing would be the best idea for having the freshest spring onions. spring onions are pretty perishable after a while so i would not think they would be much good after a couple of weeks in the fridge

CluelessGardener looks to have found the answer though. Perhaps you could look into pickling them?


When I've grown Spring onions (green salad onions) I find successional sowing and pulling them as needed works best. 

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