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I have some tomato plants that have a branch coming off the main stem with flowers on and at the end of the branch is what looks like a seperate branch with leaves on. The additional (continuation) branch has a thicker stem and typically grows in an upward direction.

Is there any action I should be taking - trim the branch at the end of the flowers maybe?




Some varieties are prone to this. Just trim the shoot off after the last flower.


Mine do this occasionally SandLake, I just cut the extra branch/stem off, leaving the flowers.

Thanks very much for those replies - I have now cut off the extended branches


SandLake, what variety is it?


Two varieties, Gardeners Delight and Belriccio, they are grafted plants I got from Suttons


I have this problem with my black Russian toms a shoot with flowers then leaves at the end not sure if i should leave the leaves or not . Its not a side shoot but not really a flowering fruiting shoot its just odd but then so are the flowers they look more like minature dalia flowers than tom flowers.

I am falling in love with my Black Russian its so unusual and the most amazing Tomato it lives in my bedroom , and gets more attention than my husband.

I think i will go home today and trim my Tomatoes leaves.


nin, any chance of a photo? I can't quite follow what you're seeing.

I was given some Black Russian seedlings 2 years ago and grew them to fruiting. Not only did they look unattractive alongside our usual Toms but the flavour was awful and left an unpleasant after taste in the mouth.

Never again!!


bigolob, there is a lot of mixing up of names with Black Russian toms. There's also a Russian Black. Seeds and plants for one are often distributed as the other. How big was the fruit on your BR?

All of the "black" varieties - and there are many of them - tend to polarise people. Some  love them, a lot hate them. I think they're an acquired taste. There are plenty of other toms I'd grow in front of them.

 Here is a picture of one of these branches I found this morning an a Gardenrers Delight


Mine are doing that too. If you've got lots of room, you could tie it to a stake and let it grow, or just pinch it off after the last flower.

gardeners delight are a bit prone to that. Lovely tasting toms though.


I grow Gardeners Delight every year, and they are very prone to this, I just cut them off, no good the goodness going to the extra leaves.

Yep, my gardeners delight are doing the same.  I've also found them side-shooting like crazy, it's a daily job pinching them out.

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