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Dear all fellow gardeners professional or hobbiest (like me!)...

can anyone help?!

I have some strawberries growing in my fruit and veg patch and have recently noticed that one of the strawberries has started to sprout leaves from its seeds. 

After a quick look online I found a picture and description of "strange Russian strawberry" which, given a little more time, I believe my strawberry will look the same. The blurrb under the picture just says biologists dont know why, and that they have been seen in Siberia... I live in Kent!!!

Here is the Russian strawberry 

<img src="/uploads/images/original/8923.jpg" alt="/uploads/images/original/8923.jpg" width="262" height="350" />

 and heres a picture of my strawberry...

<img src="/uploads/images/original/8924.JPG" alt="/uploads/images/original/8924.JPG" width="216" height="350" />

 Any help/ advice/ info/ etc very much appriciated.

All the best, Garden Monkey X

Alina W

At a guess, this has been encouraged by the wet weather and the strawberries being constantly damp.

You will sometimes find tomato seeds sprouting within the tomato, too.

I have found it in squashes too.

Thank you,but why only one and not more or all?

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