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Orchid Lady

A quick (and maybe a bit silly) question so apologies in advance!!  I want to grow my strawberries this year in hanging baskets and ordered the free ones from last month's mag.  My question is, should I have bought a special variety for hanging baskets (like you do tomatoes) or will any strawberries trail because it's their nature?

Not I huge problem if I've made a mistake as I will just put them in a planter instead but thought I'd ask.


Don't need a special basket for strawbs Tracy, any one will do.

Orchid Lady

LOL Dave....not the baskets, the strawberries!!


And I've grown ordinary strawbs in baskets, so ordinary strawbs in ordinary baskets looks the way to go 


I did it with ordinary strawberries (hung the baskets off my apple tree and then walked into them every time I cut the lawn) And they seemed to do just fine - just remember to give them plenty of water!


Which varieties would you recommend? The one's I've seen advertised all seem a bit big and blousy and maybe 'watery' to taste being 'new'. Are any of the old favourites in hanging form available?

Orchid Lady

Hi Bio, I'm not in a position to recommend any varieties as I don't know enough about them.  The ones I have were free from GW and are Honeyoe (earlys) and Cambridge Favourite (mid), I may also get some lates just so we can have strawberries all summer 

Thanks for the tips everyone, I am getting baskets in the next couple of days and will get them planted 

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