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Hi everyone,

This is my first ever attempt at growing strawberries and I have a few white flowers that have opened over the past couple of neighbour has told me to cut the flowers off just under the base of the flower with scissors to get more strawberries.........eeeeek!!

I have them growing in a big whicker tub, about 8 plants in all - I dont necessarily want to cut them off - is she right in telling me to do this????

My mum said I wont get any strawberries if I do this??

All help appreciated xx


They say you should remove the flowers from plants started in spring in the plants' first year. It's supposed to let the plant develop for fruiting the next year. That may be what your neighbour is talking about. Personally, I've never done it. I like strawbs too much!

Oh I see, and there's me thinking I would. E eating home grown strawbs in the summer. I'll see what other replies i get and see if everyone is of the same opinion. Seems odd that you ha e to pull them off and wait another whole year for fruit ;/ thankyou souch Italophile
Tee Gee
Your mum is right! Don't cut them off leave them on. What might happen if the flowers get frosted is they will abort then the plant/s will produce more flowers as there aim is to reproduce seeds, to do this they need to produce more flowers and fruit. You don't say is what size your basket is but eight plants seems a lot when you consider each plant will grow to around 12"-15" in diameter. So this situation may cause a greater reduction in potential fruit than cutting off a few flowers,

I never cut the flowers off.  I know people say you are supposed to but it would take a heart of stone to do it!  I've been growing them in pots for the last ten years and the plants haven't suffered.



Thank you Koalagirl,

TeeGee - my pot is approx 40 inches in diameter - oh dear, is it too late to move some of them to another pot ?


Would also love to grow blackberries - does anyone know of a good variety? thank you

I don't cut the flowers of my strawberries and I've had some tasty ones so far this year.

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