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Hi Guys,

Hope you all enjoyed the 2012 gardening year (bit to wet I think). Hopefully 2013 is better gardening year!

I collected the runners of my strawberry plants last Autumn and they are now in pots in my small coldframe, i'm aiming to put them in the ground on the next dry day. If I do so will they produce any fruit in the Spring/Summer?!

Any answer or suggestion will be much appreciated!

flowering rose

They have a 3 year cycle,so they wont fruit very well the first but 2nd year is when they fruit the best ,the 3rd they are spent,and so it starts again.

I grew a hanging variety from seed last summer, and the plants grew and fruited quite well considering. I'm not sure how best to look after them in Spring. Do I break them up from the baskets and 'repot' in fresh compost or perhaps leave them in peace and ( liquid) feed them well when they flower?

Many thanks Bob.


Thanks 'flowering rose', 'paull2' and 'Bob TheGardener' much appreciated!

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