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Although I have some strawberry plants that are due to crop around September, We have some that we only bought in spring/early summer as plants, and now have clearly finished cropping. Do I need to wait for them to fade before cutting back, or can I do it now. If I need to wait, will they still need to be watered.  Thanks 


After fruiting and you can give them quite a severe haircut-that will promote fresh leaf growth-do not let them dry out

Thanks Geoff, will do as you suggest. They are gonna have a haircut.


Watered? Where are you living?

Hi Bookertoo, Two of the plants have been in the greenhouse, hence the question about watering. The others are in a hanging basket outside, and  very well watered, here in Birmingham.




I did wonder! I'm not so very far from you, just north of Nottingham, pretty soggy here too - tend to forget the greenhouse watering when everything else is soaked.


My strawbs, about 18 months old now have finished but made few fruits and LOTS of leaves. Is this the weather or soil too rich or incorrect pruning ?


Could be too rich a soil-give them a haircut as well to promote fresh leaf growth-they will probably be fine next year

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