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Should expect to get fruit from the strawberry plants I  bought recently, or is it better to wait until next year?  Seems such a long time to wait.

I got fruit off of my new strawberry plants last year, I didn't stop them and they are good sized plants this year and in flower already.


Mine fruited happily in year 1 ... By year 3 it is time to start thinking about new ones - hope you get a great harvest this year


I go with it then, mine are also starting to bud and look healthy plants so seems a shame to nip off the forming flowers.  Thanks.

No expert

As they are at their best for only 3/4 years it is a pity to miss out on year 1. The crop will be small but tasty.


 Maria de Bois planted Feb.Eaten this morning.

GW free offer.

I'm growing my 2 plants in a fairly large pot.  How often & how soon should I start feeding?  I have a couple of small fruits formed.  Many thanks for any help.


My strawberry bed was made up off runners from my original strawberry plants and they flowered and fruited (is that a word?) the same year. Just one question when its time to replace can I put strawberries back in same space?



I use a tomato feed for my strawbs. I use it whenever I water them as they're in a big pot -  more diluted than normal. Once the fruits are forming I stop using it.  You can use slow release food if they're in a pot though. I'd replenish the soil with fresh compost and some FB and B, sarah but as far as I know, you can replant strawbs in the same place.

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