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Has anyone grown strawberry sticks and what are they like.

I've also bought Tomatillo's for the first time, has anyone grown these... 


Zoomer I know what Tomatillos are, think someone once "spoke" about them on here, but don't know what strawberry sticks are.

Bump you back up


You mean you can grow these?

 Where do you get the seeds?  I want some 


I don't. I bet they're nearly as unpleasant as those old sweet cigarettes


Ah, but the 'sweet tobacco' was yummy - shredded coconut coated with cocoa and brown sugar I think!



I know what they are really though

Some sort of chenopodium


Rings a bell nut now you mention it - I grew chenopodium 'strawberry sticks' from T&M seeds about 10-15 years ago.  Can't say they tasted much of anything and haven't grown them since.  Maybe it's me, but those, tomatillos and cape gooseberries just seemed very bland compared to more traditional fruits.


Same sort of result as asparagus peas?

 I prefered 'sweet tobacco', not very PC now though

Must have been having a reckless moment when buying seeds... any views on the merits of Purslane and Okra...or are these going the same way as asparagus peas

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