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Morrisons are doing veg seeds relatively cheap (their own make - if you know what I mean). Allowing for the lack of variety, will these seeds be any good??



Yes-they as good as anybodys-as are Lidl Aldi Wilkinsons B&Q-dont really need to go on

hollie hock

I would say yes, only just started with veg but have bought flower seeds from supermarkets in the past

Great folks, thanks!



I have had lots of flower seeds from Morrisons and they have always come up well for me as have Wilkinsons seeds. I have sowed today some I got from pound stretcher which were I think 79p per packet or 2 packets for £1   there wasn't too much variety on offer but enough for what I want so a real bargin as long as at least some of them produce what they are supposed to 



barbury gardener

I have brought many seeds from supermarkets with great results worth the price.


Some of the packets don't contain many seeds at all, which is one reason for them being cheap. Some of the poundland type packets are pretty good on quantity i especially like the mixtures where you might get say 6 climbers in a packet.   "garden treasures" is the brand I got. Ranging from 800 - 2000+ seeds in a packet. Some of the other brands have say 15 seeds of Verbina. which seems a bit miserly even if it is just a euro.


i was a bit wary of cheap seeds. but after trying lidl seeds last year i was pleasently surprised. less in volume but very pleased with rssults. 50 pence for 2 packets.i think they may be spanish. the radish are lovely. 

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