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Hello everyone, I know that Blackcurrant bushes should support themselves, but I have two in my fruit cage that need a little help. They were planted last year and have sme good canes on them, and are laden with fruit this year, but the fruit is s heavy that it is causing the canes to bend downward and are obstructing my access and starting to shadow the other fruit.

Does anyone have any good ideas for how best to support them so that they will be both supported and still have good ventilation and allow light in to ripen the fruits? I vaguely recall that they should be goblet shape, but this may be difficult to achieve with bamboo canes and string, are there metal hoops that can be used?

Thank you in advance!

Evening saltski

I support some of my heavily laden blackcurramt stems with bamboo canes.  I do it to expose,the fruit to,the sun and create some space.  Just tie back some of the canes.....get some eye protectors that fit,on the end of bamboo canes too.

No, blackcurrant bushes should not be goblet,shaped....gooseberries, red currants, etc., yes but not blackcurrants.  You want lots of healthy stems coming directly,from the ground and you prune to,achieve this.  After fruiting ask again about pruning them


Thanks for the info Verdun, I will have a play with then while the weather is nice (can't do it tonight through fear of death by pollen). They look really good Can't wait to try the fruit.

Yep I love blackcurrants and real Cornish clotted cream....a delight very soon saltski!

I chuckled when I read that the black current bushes were heavy with fruit.   Mine is planted in a plant pot, bought last year as a failure at the end of the season, now heavy with leaves and I am  very proud of the 17 currents which appear to be growing!


And I bet you will enjoy eating those currants with our Cornish cream!

Can you plant it out later into the ground?  Then you may get 18 currants next year

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