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I'm having a go at growing peppers for the first time and have two healthy looking plants, probably about a foot and a half high, in the greenhouse.   Just wondering when I might start seeing some flowers developing.....any thoughts gratefully received!!


They will come Fifs, just make sure you don't feed the plants until the flowers have set otherwise peppers tend to keep growing leaves and stems instead.  Like tomatoes, "tough love" is needed until after the fruit set.  Even then they only need feeding about once a fortnight at the most (use tomato feed.)

Thanks Bob.  I'll take your advice and leave off on the feeding.   Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

fifs, sweet peppers? i have 12 plants and 8-9 have decent peppers all green most outside, this is a first for me with peppers. None are a foot and a half tall.

Mine are finally flowering  patience is a virtue!   sounds like you're getting a good crop raymond.

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