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Peeling a shop-bought sweet potato recently, we found it was beginning to sprout. I firmed in the pieces of peel into damp compost and now leaves are beginning to grow happily. Too late into the growing season to hope for results but, question is, can I overwinter these plants and hope to grow a crop in containers next year?


This comes up occasionally-you might get something you might not-treat it as a novelty-you cant overwinter them-try growing indoors or under cover now.

You mean for Xmas dinner, I assume?


No-what I mean is you can't overwinter the plants-if you want to try growing something you will need to plant them now-turkey is a preferable option for Xmas dinner

That's what I meant. Grow now for some result to eat for Xmas dinner. I'll go give them a good talking to straightaway!

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