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Has anyone grown sweet potatoes in potato growing bags?  I have bought some bags that are 35cm x 45cm and can't decide whether to plant two or three plants per bag.  The plants have just arrived in plug form and will need to go in within the next day or two.  Any advice gratefully received.


I've never grown them, but I once read they need canes as they're related to ipomea, morning glory, and can climb to over 2m. I'd suggest the bags sound a bit small, even for one plant. But, as I said, I've never grown them. Maybe contact the supplier, / check their website, for advice?

Thanks Hostafan1.  T & M just say that can be grown outside when frosts have finished or preferably in the polytunnel or greenhouse.  I plan to grow them in the polytunnel to provide them with the necessary heat but my soil in the beds just would not be up to the job hence the potato bags.  I have seen many people growing them in potato sacks successfully in the States but none of them say how many they have put in each one.  I think I will probably just go with one or two per bag and see how we go.


Hi Teenrbee, I'm also trying them for the first time this year in a polytunnel.  I have the t&m duo offer - 6 of each type.  Impressive size plugs!  Mine came a couple of weeks ago and have been planted in the polytunnel border - I improved the soil (clay based) by adding lots of MP compost (about 50/50 soil/compost now, down to about 10 inches deep) and also some sharp sand as I read they like sandy soil.  It'll be interesting to compare notes as the season progresses so I'll keep an eye on this thread and may post some photos tomorrow - the plants look as though they are beginning to really take off now.


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