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Hi, I'm new at this gardening lark and loving it. Learning from local and very helpful small garden center (But can only ask so much without becoming a pest), books and the web. Came across this forum that looks friendly and helpful. My sweetcorn, grown in greenhouse from seed and now in veg plot 2-3ft high and looking healthy has side shoots attached to the base of the plants that look like a second and third in two cases sweetcorn growing. Should I remove these? I don't want to destroy what are healthy plants if this is not necessary. Any advice appreciated.  


Pig C, welcome; I have never removed anything from sweetcorn. Have just looked up in 'the vegetable and herb expert' (v. useful book) and he says; side shoots should NOT be removed. Any roots exposed at the base, cover with old compost, water in dry weather, tap tassels at the top of each stem when fully developed in late June or July will help pollination. Liquid feed when cobs start to swell.

Many thanks artjak. I always go by 'if it's working, don't try to mend it.' The book you mentioned sounds helpful so will look it up. I will probably be a regular for advice on this forum and hopefully will be able to help someone else out in time.


I dont remove side shoots.  Do not mix up side shoots for the female flowers which will form the cobs. The male flower at the top of the plant, you tap to let the wind distribute the pollen.



Pig C, you can often see that book in Charity shops

Hi, welcome, fab job with your sweetcorn, mine is only knee high! Have a look at the "three sisters" method for next year
Are you growing any other edibles?
My sweetcorn is even smaller than that

But I live in hope lol. I've planted beetroot in and around mine and both appear to be doing very well
Friutcake, it will all catch up in the end

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