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I have got some lovely big sweetcorn plants that are just coming into flower but there are no cobs to fertilize.  Anyone got any idea what the problem could be?


Give it several really good soakings - even last summer on our free-draining loam our sweetcorn needed quite a bit of watering in order to produce cobs.  I put the sprinkler on for 30 mins at a time several times a week. 


My sweetcorn was very annoying this year. Despite plenty of watering, the cobs arrived late, a lot of the pollen had already dispersed, so I ended up with quite a few only partly-pollinated cobs. Bah! Delicious, though.


I'm sure the female flowers are there, but you haven't looked closely enough further down the stem.  They are not very obvious.

Thank you everyone, I will look for cobs and also give much more water.  We did have that dry spell earlier in the year and they are in a raised bed this year, which is much more free draining.

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