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Does anyone know what this is?! I'm new to growing tomatoes and think its either grey leaf spot or leaf mould? The tomatoes are in grow bags in a polytunnel, watered once a day in the evening. Any help would be really appreciated 



Sorry Stuart, picture doesn't work. Have another go 

 Hopefully it will work this time!


Looks like some sort of fungal something - Italophile may be able to identify it - in the meantime cut down on the watering - let the compost dry out before watering again. When you do water do it in the morning rather than the evening and keep the water off the leaves.

Also, get plenty of airflow through that polytunnel.

Are many of the leaves affected?  Is it mainly the lower ones? If so pick them off and burn them to be on the safe side.

Good luck 

Are you feeding them yet?  They shouldn't be fed until the first truss of fruits has set.

hiya stuart, sure thats a watering problem.  too mjuch moisture at roots or on foliage.  cut back on the watering.  feel maybe you are too zealous with the hose!


I fed them once because I had some spare from strawberries in pots that I fed.

I stop watering until they have dried up a bit, water in the mornings and remove the leaves and see where they go from there!

Thanks for the help! 


Stuart, it's definitely a fungal disease. As Dove says, remove the affected foliage and destroy it. And, as she also says, either get them out of the polytunnel or ventilate it very well. Fungal spores thrive in humid air and polytunnels trap lots of it inside.

And cut back on the watering. Toms would only need water every day in the hottest conditions. Let the mix dry out before watering again.

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