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I have had a bumper crop of Glen Ample raspberries this season. However next years fruiting canes have grown to about eight feet.

Do I leave them alone.

Prune them back to six feet. That is the height of the supporting wires.

Bend them over and tie them to the six feet wires.

John Berry




You can tip the tops - sounds like a cue for a song - if you like, so they are no higher than you can pick comfortably.  They will do fine as they are, just tied in at six foot and the extra height left free.


Or you can bed them over gently and just tie them in to the top wire and nip the growing tip out.

we have autumn raseberrys, cant remember the name of them and Him In Doors - who comes out to tend his raspberrys - cuts them down to the ground when all the fruit has done.  We started with 10 plants and last spring had too cut off and dig up all the extra plants that had grown from the main plants.  We ended up giving them away.

the fruit is so sweet and there is always plenty for jam, smoothies, ice cream raspeberry muffins etc etc etc! 

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