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When I watch Monty plant his tatties he earth up straight away when I plant I earth up as they grow, am I doing wrong?.

Does he?-dont think so-how can he earth them up straight away?-that does not make any sense-


I think he puts them in a raised mound to begin with, rather than in a flat part of the ground.  Maybe to help drainage if it gets very wet, so they don't rot.  You can earth up then as they grow.  Whatever you do, they will grow, and give  you a crop - tho' earthing up is supposed to increase what you get. 


Just watched it again episode 7,  He does put a lot of soil on top, so that's the reason Bookertoo, thanks for your polite reply.



I wondered the same thing when I watched it too, but sorry I have no idea why, Would be interested find out though.



I now plant in bins don't have space. When I grew in soil, planted at req'd depth and left them. When they started to show I started to earth them up, and kept doing until they flowered. Maybe piling up at sewing is a way of saving work, dunno...they'll be fine as long as light doesn't get to actual potatoes.

I do the same thing planting in bins/bags. I plant them initially in about a foot of compost, then put more on top as the leaves start to show until the bin is full

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