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Up to last year Wickes was very good, then they changes the contents, half a forest shredded in the bag, not at all any use!

They had a sale on, £1.98 per bag so I bought 12 bags which I didn't know at the time they had changed the contents.

I bulk it up with pure peat, which I got from Countywide, and it was half priceas well.

Asda was also full of wood shards, not very good!

The companies hands are tied, as the Government and other weirdo's are intent on saving the planet, and as none of them are gardeners, they don't care!

Ps apart for their cannabis plants they have growing in their lofts that is!

Excitable Boy

I have used Dunstons compost for some years and always found it excellent. This year may be different, of course.

jo4eyes wrote (see)

Blairs- I've never heard of nor seen it around. You are in Scotland, could it be local to there?

BTW the amount of peat & other components should be listed on the bag somewhere. J.

No it is English, I get it delivered for free from an English company:

I think the best compost I have for containers is when I mix in my own sieved garden soil, prob about 20%, with mpc. I seem to get less pest problems, better water holding and stronger plants. Trouble is it takes more time and I'm a very impatient guy so often just use mpc. I think I will bag up some sieved soil when..IF..ground dries up.
JIMMMY wrote (see

"The companies hands are tied, as the Government and other weirdo's are intent on saving the planet, and as none of them are gardeners, they don't care!

Ps apart for their cannabis plants they have growing in their lofts that is!"

Sorry, Jimmy, but this really isn't good enough, or are you just being controversial for a laugh?

You are claiming your opinion is the only one that counts, but the only way you can defend your position is to call people that disagree with you weirdos and potheads, as well as associating them with a popularly maligned group - politicians.




Thx for the link Blairs. Good site, shall enjoy checking it out. J.

jo4eyes wrote (see)

Thx for the link Blairs. Good site, shall enjoy checking it out. J.

No problem. The soil is also buy 1 and get 1 free and is free delivery - great for me as I have no car. I got 8 packs and 6 packs of mulch delviered for £55. really happy with it.

After last years experience I've saved a full darlek of compost to mix with bought compost this year. 

I'd advise, if you aren't sure the compost is of good quality when purchasing, to ask if you can see the contents first before buying. If the supplier is confident it is good stuff they shouldn't object to the bag being split, providing you buy it or provide a good reason for not buying it.

After all, what else would you buy without seeing first  probably going to be inundated now with stuff people buy which they don't see first 


Sorry, when I ask you something. You talk about what compost you'll use/buy. For me compost mean: "Compost is the end product of the decomposition of organic matter, includes garden waste, kitchen scraps, manure, leaves, grass clippings, straw...". You will buy pure organic matter? Or you mean a mix of soil and compost, maybe with cow manure. This I want to know. Thanks, ThaiGer.




I did point out the difference a few days ago

sotongeoff wrote (see)

I think ThaiGer-we are confusing you-there is garden compost that we use for soil conditioner- ie made from rotted down material

And commercial compost that we buy in that is formulated with nutrient for seed sowing and potting plants

Same word but different product and uses

What do you use a seed sowing /potting medium?


@sotongeoff, I'm so sorry, was my mistake, I fail to notice what you wrote and so I  no answer! Now I understand the distinction. A compost with nutrient for seed sowing and potting plants we can not buy here. We make our own compost to bring out to more than 15 hectars (several smaller areas). The basic of our home-made compost is rice bran (68%), pure dried chicken manure (20%). We add biochar (approx.10-12%, Lichee tree), fish powder (no sea fish, but from the lakes in our area) and/or rock minerals. All ingredients are fermented / activated with EM. 10 days we need to fill up the char with all the nutrients (avert turning back-effect). All 10-14 days the compost (nearly a compost-fertilizer) is ready for us or for sale. In the end of December I bring out to 1.5 ha (new field) this compost by my hands...Chicken shit was my Christmas Gift. Greetings, ThaiGer

P.S.: about char look at my website




Potting/seeding compost and the quality of it is a big issue here-at one time it was all soil based ,then all peat based and now peat alternatives

The peat alternatives is the problem-trying to find a decent one -hence this discussion.

Doing what you do is not a viable proposition or alternative to the gardener-we are looking for a weed seed free, sterile, medium easily obtainable

Hope that now explains it


Thank you very much.

I used about 18 bags of j arthers compost from seed to MPC and it was aweful, I only had 50% seed germination and the small plants I grow on hardly grew I shall not be useing it this year that is why I am interested as to what everyone else is useing


I have just bought the Verve from b & q it's very nice, I have potted on some of my fuchsia cuttings and it has nice feel to it, I don't know how it will perform in tubs and baskets but it got the thumbs up from Which so I should think it's good. I like the 125 lt bags, doesn't run out so quick. At least it hasn't all the rubbish bits like A. Bowers.


Kathy 2

Hi Lyn. I bought the 125l Verve on Sunday.Not opened it yet, but if it's as good as yours I'll be happy. I did notice that several bags of different brands/sizes had been "caught" on something before I got there  so I checked them out before buying.


I bought a bag of Wilkinson seed. So far everything has germinated well, Quite a sandy one.

If people are looking for a fantastic quality alround multi purpose compost then look out for Premium Horticultures 'Plant & Grow' its supplied in a yellow bag and really is the best ive found.

An old nursery trade supplier, Premium have released this to the general public for afew years now, and it simply is the best. It has good water retention capabilities, is light, fine, and contains no shredded, recycled material at all.

Much better than your rubbish from diy stores and sheds that contains mostly bark chips and green waste.

although not widely available, many stores are beginning to sell it due to high demand. you wont find it on a silly multi buy, and its not dirt cheap at around £6 for 75litres, but we all know its the quality that counts, not the price.

i buy it from a local idependent garden centre in south leicestershire, and i wouldnt change to anything else now.