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Although it's still too wet to walk on the plot, there are standing puddled, I browsed the shelves in Wilco this morning and am looking at ...

...carrot Paris Market, sweetcorn Swift, parsnips Student and Gladiator, runner Prizewinner and dwarf french Tendercrop. Buy 3 and get the cheapest free offer on at the moment.

Sounds good Ivyhouse if they are the varieties you want.  

Apart from Swift which was not good last year they are all new to me. I put the failure of my sweetcorn down to a grey and cloudy summer here in the East. Any thoughts on these from friends will be welcome



I have had sweetcorn swift, two years running. One wet, one hot. Both years it did really well. It needs the sunniest position you can give it.


I should add I use two packets and plant in a block, 7 rows of 10. The odd plant, or planted in a long line, will not pollinate well, because it is wind pollinated.


Thanks fidgetbones. I don't have room for more than a dozen plants but will put them in the sunniest corner. 


Try and put them in a block, 3 x 4. I'm not confident so few will pollinate well. try tapping the plants when the male flowers open to disperse the pollen.

And an early start too...not yet but not too late.  Sweetcorn, mmmmmmmmmm

I now plant closer than usually suggested too.  


I find that sweetcorn needs loads of water when producing the cobs - even in the wet summer before last I had the sprinkler on the sweetcorn on dry days.  

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