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hi all,

I have an apple tree in my garden whose trunk is now about 80% hollow. One of the main branches is similar. It fruited pretty well this year but is clearly on its way out.

Should i chop and replace it now (i want to use the same/close by spot) or leave it until it died completely?

If I am replacing it, then by starting now I should have nice tree in 3-4 years rather than waiting another few years and then starting again?





Many years ago, an old Norfok man told me that to regenerate an apple tree, shoot it on the side opposite the dying area. At the time I was living in London and my apple tree was dying. But the thought of going into a rough looking pub and taking out a contract on my apple tree was more than I could handle, so don't know if this would work!

Hiya blue baron.

Two issues here.  Yes remove the tree ASAP.  No choice.

I would not plant another apple there.  There are many problems planting most things in same spot.

However, if you are determined I would try to avoid the exact same spot.  I would dig out as much soil as possible .....can you excavate a few barrow loads from elsewhere to exchange?

 Why did your tree die?  Do you know?  Research your replacement tree to plant a disease resistant variety and one suited to your area. 

Deacons nursery is a good source for new fruit trees.  They give advice and supply a large range of trees on different rootstocks.  You could buy a 3 year old tree, for example, enabling you to secure your own fruit in 3 or 4 years.  

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