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Correct bigolob and Peter12.

My tomatoes are the best ever (3 years of trying) and I was away at the start of the heatwave worrying if they would all be dead when I got back.  But NO! - even the ones outside the small growhouse have survived and flourished.  I took off all unnecessary foliage so the goodness went straight to the flowers-cum-fruits and pinched out the tops.  I did practically drown them before I went away though.......


My toms are looking the best they've ever been. Usually the leaves go dark green and are really tough but this year they're more lush and tender looking. The plants have fruited earlier and I took the leaves off from the bottom to the first fruit. It's made it so much easier to water and feed.

I also knipped the tops of cordons before they reached the roof of the GH, so they are at least 1ft shorter.


Hi fairy girl.

My wife would beg to differ regarding my tidyness certainly around the house.

the current meaning of tidy escapes me . just as well perhaps. happy gardening everyone.l



Peter- it apparently means 'attractive' in the modern parlance!!!!

Funny how houses and gardens can be different in terms of tidyness. I think men often see the garden as their domain but the house is seen as a woman's..... 

And now that I've thrown that Victorian suggestion out there....




hi again fairy girl.

I will not so reluctantly accept the modern parlance. I will take a complement with grace whenever its offered.

Regarding job demarcation. It appears indoors Im efficient but not to tidy in the old sence of the word. My wife admires my greenhouse and ripening tomatoes from the kitchen window when washing the dishes. oops !!!

regards Peter 

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