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I have some very robust tomato plants in the greenhouse but a couple of the plants have leaves that are curling inwards.Any ideas why?


Could they be slightly too dry?

Conflicting temperature between day highs and night lows-very common this time of year-no much to worry about

I have 3 tomato plants shirley, gardeners delight, and alcante, but I dont know which to pinch out and which to leave.

lynredshaw wrote (see)

I have 3 tomato plants shirley, gardeners delight, and alcante, but I dont know which to pinch out and which to leave.

You just remove the side shoots on those varieties-pinch out the top when 4/6 trusses are set-some time away yet



Depending on which leaves are curling, if new ones and they look healthy colour I was always told it wasn't a bad sign, in fact good sign..but maybe old wives tale ?? Mine never came to any harm after a bit of curl. Sure someone on forum will know.

Thank you very much for your replies, I can now rest easy!

Thankyou lazy gardener, will do.



Tom leaves curling is about the most commonly reported tom problem. And, most often, it's not a problem. Fluctuating temps can cause it, overwatering, overfertilising, all sorts of things. There are at least two virus diseases that will cause it but there are myriad other symptoms associated with the viruses that you'd also notice.

Thank you Italophile. I can relax now and stop worrying!

My Shirleys are looking very green sturdy and healthy but the top leaves above the 2nd trusses are curling and twisting.  All seems OK otherwise so I'm leaving well alone and crossing my fingers.  I have a watering system in the greenhouse so I don't think it's erratic water control, but as said earlier in the year, it could be temperature changes although the variation hasn't been too great these last few days.  Any thoughts?  Ain't gardening fun!


Some of mine are curling in the upper leaves but they are a good colour. I'm sure they'll be ok. Some days wonderful weather, door wide open, other days cool & dull, door part closed. What's a poor tomato to do ? 

Aren't you glad your not a tomato!!!

Better a tomato than a wrinkly old cucumber.  Oh, hang on a minute .....

Tomato leaves do react to various minor changes and need no remedial action I think...although there are some tomato experts here so it's only my humble opinion.  However, I do look at the curling leaf and unfold to check a caterpillar etc is not lurking in there

Not far from trying my first toms of the year .....sign of summer.  Another sign is the heatwave coming at week' s end.   Yippee.....sorry, bit over excited!


Verdun i'm exited to. but my tomato plants are only just starting to flower up here in north Manchester. If this heatwave lats all month i to will soon be eating toms

What else have you been eating from your patch?

I'm very jealous.  I'm central south and nowhere near eating our toms.  I'll try to remember to gloat when yours have run out and I'm still harvesting - blight permitting.

Hello michael

Well, eating gooseberries, carrots, radishes, lettuce, Beetroot, spring onions, rhubarb.  And blueberries will be soon too. But, no peaches .....forgot to cover against peach leaf curl and it's affected fruit.  And runner beans?  Every year I would be picking pounds of them in June but they're only just starting to flower and only just reaching the top of the framework.   Worst spring ever for cold.  Eating loads of Cornish strawberries up the road.  No need to grow my own.  

Thats right, you can gloat later in the year when mine have gone.  It all balances out

Hi  fron the midlands I have lots of flowers on my beans and a few have dropped off but can't see any beans.

lynredshaw. The beans will come, I've still some left to plant out.