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Andrew Kenneth


2 weeks ago I sowed two types of tomato seed and I kept them in a unheated propagator on a window sill with lots of light and warmth.

Yesterday I re-potted them into plugs, (they are about 2" high by now) and, left them in my unheated shed which has lots of sun during the day.

When I looked at them this afternoon all but 3 had wilted and are now lying sadly on the surface of the soil!

 I only re potted after the first pair of  true leaves had appeared.

Have I over watered or is it due to a drastic temp change and why have 3 survived and the rest not?


Any help appreciated









Too cold outside anywhere for tomato plants unless you have a heated greenhouse, i would suggest sowing some more, still plenty of time.
Oakley Witch

Lyn has it in one. They will be fine on a windowsill though. Have another go and get sowing 



had the same problem with my tomatoes. i will try a new batch next week.

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