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david harrison wrote (see)

I plant seeds my toms on cristmas day and do not think you need the lenth of sunlight you say all I do if they become lrggy is repot them on but pot them on deeper this as the added affect of giving a better root ball wene it is time to put them in the greenhouse I have done this for 3 years now and my father as done the same for I dont know how long, my tom plants are now in 9cm pots and are about 7 inch tall 

Interesting-but you dont say if the greenhouse is heated-if it isn't fail to see the point of sowing so early

Mine are looking ok at the moment. Seem to have taken ok and developing larger true leaves!!! Fingers crossed that the conservatory is suiting them. God only knows how much the economy 7 heating will add to my electric bill!

Can't get the quote option to work. Nothing seems to be working here at the moment.

@ david harrison

As always, growing anything, it's whatever works for you. Transplanting deeply - down to the first leaves - for extra root structure is (or should be) standard practice anyway regardless of legginess. Light, though, impacts on more than just simple growth. It triggers the inner chemistry that develops the plant's long-term strength and health.

I'm trying to grow from seed a variety of Black Cherry, Gardeners Delight and Sungold this year. I've planted about 30 seeds in modules, put them in freezer bags as an impromptu propagater and have got them inside in a dark, warm place to (hopefully) germinate. I only did it yesterday so I'm hoping by the time they've germinated, the weather will have improved and I can put them in my unheated greenhouse...

Does this sound like a sensible plan?? I probably should have asked in advance
My other half seems to be wanting to harvest seed from a picolini that he has from M&S I'm thinking he doesn't have time to do this. What do you think?


Tomato seed germinates very easily and quickly. There is no need to keep them in the dark.

I never start mine off until April as I get fed up with keeping them going, avoiding them getting leggy and weak etc.

The main advantage to starting them early is an earlier crop, not an issue for me.

I do have one plant which is about 4 ins tall now. I found some seed sprouting inside a shop bought tomato a couple of months ago and as an experiment have had a go at growing one to see what happens. No idea of variety or type, seemed to be a small beef steak variety but if it is a F1 hybrid that will mean nothing as they do not come true to type.


@ tattiana

Once germinated, they need light. Preferably sunlight, but as much bright light as they can get for at least 12-14 hours a day. You can take the cover off providing there's still reasonable warmth.


Thank you Italophile 

* Red Dahlia * wrote (see)
My other half seems to be wanting to harvest seed from a picolini that he has from M&S I'm thinking he doesn't have time to do this. What do you think?

Time is the least of the problems, RD. Squeeze the seeds into a small glass jar with as much of the tom's juices as you can get. If need be, add a tsp or so of water so that the seeds are sitting in at least some liquid.

Leave in a warm place, uncovered, for a few days or until a scum/mould forms. Add water to the container, swirl it around till the scum/mould separates from the seeds, let the seeds settle to the bottom of the container and carefully drain off the liquid. Repeat the process till the seeds are clean or tip the seeds into a very fine strainer and rinse them thoroughly under a tap.

Spread the seeds out to dry (ideally) on some coffee filter paper. The seeds won't stick to coffee filer paper. They will stick to things like tissues and kitchen paper. When the seeds are dry, they're ready to use.

The only problem is that Piccolini are a hybrid variety so the resultant plants won't produce fruit true to type. Still, it could be interesting to see what you will get.

I keep hinting he should get in and do this but he is waiting for his tomato to ripen!!! At this rate we will have tom's coming out if our ears! We have 6 GD from aldi looking v strong and he wants to try his own. I don't even like Tom's, only when cooked!!

Builders buckets in the plastic greenhouse me thinks!! We had a terrible Tom crop last year! Was v disheartening,

What stage are the Piccolini at now, RD? The fruit has to be starting to change colour - not necessarily ripe - for the seeds to be viable.

It's red and ripe, not squashy but you certainly have give when you touch the fruit. I may just get in and do it myself. I think he is waiting for it to grow itself!!!! Back to work tomorrow so need one last gardening hit!
Well that took literally 10 seconds! Not satisfied! Wondering if I should go and sow my courgette seeds to put in the window propogator?
You are keen red dahlia.
I too intend to grow best tomatoes ever this year whatever the wether does.
I gow peaches too...can't wait for the summer
Peaches!!!! Intreguing!

I take pride in the toms but I hate eating them, only in cooking, but he insists on an eating variety. I has a fleshy plumb the year before last and it was brill for cooking and for sarnies. Just racking my brain for the name.
Incas!!! I had to go look for my tags that I saved from the year before last!!


Yep, red dahlia, nothing like peaches from your garden.
You don't like eating toms?
Try gardeners delight....lovely small sweet flavour. Like sweets.
Or Sungold ?
Good for you apparently.
If you have a pot spare try growing a blueberry. They are truly delicious.
No never liked tomato at all!! Like to grow them but not eat them. Also hate the yellow marks on hand towels etc. always have to remind others to wash well after picking or touching plants!!

Well, I've got my tomatoes starting on the dining room windowsill - just wanted you all to know that 

Lets hope we get some summer so they can go outside when they're big enough!


You've no idea how bdooly cold it is here Italophile - and with no signs or forecast of warmer weather for at least 30 days ............  no idea when they'll be able to go out into the little growhouses .............. at this rate I'll have to send them back to you as teenagers to laze around in the Italian sunshine for the summer 

Off to work now so Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!