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Been trying to locate cumulus f1 tomato seeds for some time without success. Anyone got any idea where I can buy them please ?.

Dobies have them
Pam LL x

Hi Pam. Thanks for the quick reply. Have checked with Dobies and they say that they are unavailable.Any other suggestions please ? All the seed suppliers that list them  say the same thing.Was wondering if there's been a problem with them.?.

Many thanks.





That is so annoying when you would like to grow a particular variety and can't buy the seed!!
It sounds like a good variety to grow with resistance to things - I hope you manage to track some down I will keep looking
Pam LL x

Thanks again Pam. It certainly is, but I'll keep looking too.




chilli lover

Hi Terry - had a look too. Wherever you try to 'buy' the vendor in each case is Dobies and the seeds are 'currently unavailable '- sounds to me as though they may have been discontinued. There are also no recent postings about them. I have a friend in Devon who works for Dobies/Suttons - I'll email her and see if she knows anything!  Good luck in your searching too! Janet

Hi Janet. Very much appreciated. I have Emailed the RHS at Wisley to see if they have any ideas. Feel like i'm on a mission now.

Thanks again.


Just found an my gardening diary. Interested to see that I grew Cumulus in 2007 from Dobies. I have written "excellent" after the list and at the end of the year, noted that they are the sweetest I have tasted. Can't find them now.


Silverfox2. What is special about them?

There are others out there and with the right watering would probably be better tasting than "superb taste" Just try half sea water and half fresh!

Yes I know it sounds daft but I have been studying this for a few months now (not for here but somewhere next to a beach in a not too far away place)

"Early-ripening indeterminate F1 hybrid variety. Produces medium size round red fruit on a regular leafed vine. Good colour and superb taste. Resistant to Mosaic Virus (TMV), Cladosporium and Fusarium wilt. For greenhouse or outdoors growing."

There are certainly other options to try and i'm sure they will be a lot cheaper. (don't believe all the hype about f1. )

I will try and dig out the reports I have been looking at for you to see.

EDIT: I saw it on FOOD UNWRAPPED  Series 6 Episode 8. When I got back.

It must be on the devil box Channel 4 I think.


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