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 They'll ripen in a dark place though?



Hang the truss up, it will ripen; probably.
Shrinking Violet

How frustrating!  Yes they will ripen.  Hang them in the kitchen, say, with plenty of air circulation and they'll ripen ok.  (This is what I do at the end of the season when the last ones are cut from the vine before the cold weather.)

Alternatively, put them with a ripe banana, and they will ripen more quickly. 


Thanks guys.I was disappointed because if I hadn't been messing about with the plants it most likely wouldn't have happened. The plant in question was leaning quite a bit so I was trying to straighten it up  I've hung them up in the kitchen  

Fishy......what a nuisance

Best way I have found is as S Violet or drawer with a ripe banana should do the trick. Otherwise it is Green Tomato Chutney or Sauce for you !


Shrinking Violet

Fishy - we've all been there!  "Just" straightening/tidying something or another, and then finding we've presented ourselves with another problem!  Quite often, it can be overcome, so best of luck!

btw I grow my outdoor toms in troughs supported with canes that are connected with cross-pieces (if that makes sense).  I gives them strength, and they are pretty robust.  Mind you, with the air turning a lot, lot colder, even though the benign Somerset ought to be OK, I've taken the precaution of throwing a bit of fleece over them for tonight!  I'm picking pounds of the fruits, and would hate to see all my hard work undone by a bit of unseasonal weather!

SViolet............Somerset.......and you are putting fleece over tonight ???

I'm West Somerset and have been slaving over stove making Chilli Sauce, etc most of the day but it is mild enough here and haven't had that "nose tingling" sensation you get when frost is on the horizon.

I do so hope you are wrong or I am going to be a very cross bunny tomorrow

Shrinking Violet

Philippa - Porlock, West Somerset.  No frost predicted (Porlock Vale has its own micro-climate anyway) but temps down to about 3 or 4.  Just a bit too cool to risk it, I think.  The fleece will  help to keep the coolness at bay, I hope.

My GH chillies are doing very well - do you have a good recipe for chilli sauce that I can use?  I was going to freeze them, but a good sauce sounds just the job.


I'm in Northamptonshire and a low of 9c predicted for tonight. One thing I won't be doing is touching the plants from now on,still lots of toms on there and some a more yellowish colour. Ironically the broken truss isn't the heaviest by the look of it,but I've been looking at 'green tomato' cake,relish,chutney,soup or fried.

SViolet - that's Porlock with the vertical roads isn't it? That view from county gate across Exmoor is just stunning!! to do Chickens now but will put my recipe on tomorrow for you


Green tomato recipe Philippa? 

Shrinking Violet

Fishy - yes Porlock has the steepest "A" road in the country, I believe, with a wicked hairpin bend as well!  Even the toll road - slightly less steep - is a bit of a challenge.  But the moors are wonderful, and at the moment are clad in deep purple heather.  The sweeping views across the moor and over the Bristol Channel are amazing.

I think I have a good recipe for green tomato chutney somewhere - I'll try to find it for you.  And Philippa, thanks - I look forward to a chilli sauce recipe tomorrow. 


I do like a nice blackberry with double cream  ! 

S Violet...........herewith Chilli sauce as promised Well, the recipe anyway !

Soften and de stone some plums and then mash up.

Add chopped Red Bell Pepper, chopped Chillies, Tomato puree, Salt and Pepper and White Wine Vinegar to the Plums ........simmer the whole lot together and then pot.

I haven't put any quantities in because it depends on how many Chillies you have and how "hot" you want the sauce.  It's pretty basic but I find it does the job however you choose to use it.

I usually dry the rest of mine as they store for ages but also make Chilli Oil which I find incredibly handy (works well as a marinade base for raw prawns prior to grilling amongst other things ).


Fishy........Green tomato recipe ?

Pickle, Sauce or Chutney ?


Ugh! the lot of them IMO.


Just out of interest have you ever tried drying Tomatoes ( ripe ones I mean! ).  I seem to remember growing a certain variety many years ago which was advertised as ideal for drying but don't recall the name .  I do recall not having a lot of luck tho


I'll try the pickle Philippa  If that's ok. SViolet said she was going to look for the chutney recipe but I don't want to 'favour' either of you. I suppose if I'm completely honest I'm hoping I won't need either,I've decided to put the toms in a paper bag with a banana. With luck they'll be the traditional red tomatoes?

Yes I've heard of sun-dried tomatoes Philippa,don't our Italian cousins use them for pizzas?


Yes, hopefully you won't need the green tom recipes but just in case........

Green Toms........Coarse salt..........Spiced Vinegar....Sugar......1 Onion.

Quarter or slice Toms.....layer with salt and leave several hours (overnight is best )

Drain off liquid from Toms...........put Toms in pan.

Dissolve sugar in vinegar ( 50 grms sugar to 1 lt vinegar. ) and pour in sufficient to cover Toms.

Thinly slice onion and add to pan.  Bring to boil and then simmer for 30 mins or so until all tender.  Pot whilst hot and leave for at least a month before using.

You can actually make a pickle using ripe toms too but I never have enough left over for that

Sun dried Toms..........must admit I'm not a fan of Pizza ( or at least not the sad stuff sold under that name in the UK ).  However, I do incorporate them into home made bread........delicious and they can also add a sharp tone to my home made tomato sauce which I use for Pasta dishes.

Shrinking Violet

Herewith Green Tomato Chutney:

3 lb green tomatoes

12 oz onions

6 oz raisins

12 oz cooking apples

2 tbsp. salt

12 oz white sugar

1 1/2 pts spiced vinegar

Wash toms and chop.  Peel onions, chop finely and place in saucepan with enough cold water to cover   Bring to boil, and cook until tender.  Drain well.  Peel core and chop apples finely.

Place prepared fruit & veg in a cooking pan with salt, sugar and vinegar.  Bring to the boil, stirring constantly.  cook, stirring occasionally until thickened.  Pour into hot clean jars and seal.

Alternatively: use part green and part red tomatoes (which I do) and follow this recipe:

6 lb mixture (at least half and half) red and green tomatoes

8 oz onions

1 pt spiced white malt vinegar

2 tsps. paprika

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tbsp. salt

12 oz white sugar

Chop toms & onions finely.  Place in pan and cook until thick & pulpy.  Add half the vinegar, paprika, cayenne and salt.  Bring to the boil and simmer uncovered until thickened.  Dissolve the sugar in the remaining vinegar, add to the pan and cook, stirring occasionally, until thickened.

Pour into hot clean jars and seal.


 Note:  I have adapted this to include finely chopped marrow.courgettes.  As long as you keep the basic (sort of ) weight of veg to other ingredients, it should work well  -  it's quite adaptable!