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I am still looking for the "perfect Tomato flavour". On previous threads I have said that I am looking for medium sized fruit with good flavour. I have received advice that medium fruit are relatively tastless (I agree) but Cherry Toms are too small for anything other than a salad - try making a sandwich out of them!!

So however, has anyone come across a "Cherry" type Tom" somewhere in size between Gardener`s Delight and a mid size Tom????


On Beechgrove recently, Sungold won the taste test.  It has an AGM form the RHS so worth investigating.

I have grown Black Russian this year and been very pleased.   It's fleshy like a beef tomato but a medium size and very tasty.

Grew Tigerella this year which are v tasty - medium size.

Italophile, sorry to be ignorant but what is a PM?



A Private Message. Run your cursor over my avatar and you should see an option to Message. Give me some details and I'll send you some seeds for varieties that might suit your needs.

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