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Monty Don recommended the above two varieties, not personally, but on Gardeners World

Has anyone grown either? What's the verdict?


I always grow about 6-10 varieties and Cristal is always one of them as it is very reliable no matter what the conditions.  I wouldn't say it particularly outstanding regards taste (but still a million times better than anything in the shops!)  It is a very attractive fruit though and the flesh is deep red all the way though so looks particularly attractive in salads.

Bob, so if `Cristal` ain`t so good for flavour which of the varieties you grow do have good flavour?  Please do not include the cherry types as I already grow a couple of Gardener`s Delight each year which crop heavily and have the typical flavour of cherry Toms. but also grow my main crop (Unwins Gourmet) but NOT Moneymaker, Ailsa Craig, Shirley,etc which I have grown many years ago but find them tasteless inspite of all the hype!


Bigolob,  my favourite large types are super marmande, legend, brandywine and cuore di bue.  The rest are mainly cherry types as I've never been that impressed with the taste of 'normal sized' tomatoes despite growing dozens of varieties over the years but am growing tamina for the first time this year and it's pretty good.


Bob, I have just written another thread about a Tomato I found on a web site today. It is called `Elisir` and supposed to be a thin skinned, sweet mid size Tom??!! If anything comes of it I will let you know as your thread to my question has the same problems I have found, re the lack of decent flavoured mid size Toms.


Cheers bigolob.  I think I'll try a few extra varieties of mid-size ones that I haven't tried before next year as an experiment too.  I expect going for heirloom varieties would likely be the best bet for good flavour.  Italiophile - do you have any recommendations?


Hi fairygirl.

I grew these from seed this year for the first time after its recomendation on gardeners world.

I find Cristal one of the best if not the best full size tomatoe Ive grown thin skins, deep red succulant flesh and quit a heavy crop. I realise that taste is subjective but there we are a definite for next year. I do agree that cherry size toms produce the finest taste though.




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