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If you look at the main page of gardeners world .com there is a bit on "what to  do now" this changes week by week.

You can sow broad beans and peas now outside, and salad leaves in the greenhouse.


Hi hamza, glad to see you've been on the forum again.

I've got some rocket and spinach germinating in my cold greehouse.


I meant to say, the variety of broad beans you need to sow at this time of year is Aquadulce Claudia.  They'll cope with the winter weather best of all the varieties. 


hamza 15yrs age

high there iv'e planted garlic and in the winter in December i have forgot to make holes in my big pot and now so much water has gone into the pot and has risen above the soil this has been happening for a few weeks now what should i do and will anything happen to my garlic


Garlic will rot if it gets too wet.

 Tip the contents of the pot out. You can replant in gritty compost in a pot with holes in the bottom for drainage. Or you can plant in the soil in your garden.


hamza, I think garlic can be planted and started off in a green house in little pots or modules.  Then put into the garden after the worst of the weather. I'm not sure.

So others can help. Is your garlic outside in a plant pot without drainage?


Hamza, I have answered your garlic query on your other (garlicky) thread. When it comes to planting anything from seed, it really pays to read the suppliers recommendations for planting times on the packet. Sometimes you can get away with planting a bit late in the spring and summer, but in the Autumn the ground cools down and some things won't germinate.

hamza 15yrs age

hello  does anyone here keep chickens i know this has nothing to do with gardening but my chicks are getting skinny and they have a fresh supply of food and water i feed them cickcrumbs every day but still they seem to have are skinny breast bone what also they are 3 weeks old 

hamza 15yrs age

my dad is the one who keep the chicks but i have noticed today when he comes back from work i will inform him he has been keeping chickens for 3 years and this has never happend to my chicks and i have never felt this before when i pick them up



Hamza............Dove is right..........whilst there are people on this forum who keep Chickens, if you are concerned, you really need the poultry forums.  Do hope you find someone who can advise you or set your mind at rest.


If I grow some tomato plants in a large planter containing fresh soil, can I keep growing them every year, or does the soil need changing every now and again?

I know some vegetables need to be grown in fresh soil every few years because of viruses and bugs, so are tomatoes* one of them?


* I know they're not a vegetable

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